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Welcome to the HMD post for Shiemi Moriyama from Ao no Exorcist!

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[ Personality ] :

A-ah, my... personality? Okay...

Well, I guess I'm kind of quiet because of growing up at home... ah, but I had Mr. Sancho and his family for company! ... wait, plants don't count as company? But why not? A-anyway, I guess it's why... I'm so quiet and reserved at school. But I'm working on it, really! I have friends in Rin and Yuki-chan and Izumo-chan and everyone else now, so I'll be okay!

I'd like to be friends with everyone, though. I... didn't really have many growing up. Yuki-chan was the only one who'd stop by and visit, before I met Rin and everyone else at the cram school... I hope that I can be at their level one day, though. Everyone's so amazing... I want to be as strong as everyone one day, too. It's why I'm at the cram school in the first place... it's not so bad there! The clothes are really cute! Though I feel like everyone's staring at me for some reason when I go to class...

... I also truly think that it's best to live each day with a happy heart and a smile on your face, too. I guess I learned it from my Grandma... up to her death, she'd always take care of the garden and do everything with a smile on her face, too. Even now, when things get rough, I want to be able to keep smiling, too. And I want to be useful to everyone, as well! I wanna do anything I can to help... because I really think that if I can do something, anything to help Rin and Yuki-chan and the others... even if it's something small, then I'll be happy, too! I guess it's why I still wanted to help Izumo-chan out even though she was bossing me around, as Rin put it...

Mou... Rin's always teasing me, but... I really am glad that I met him. Yuki-chan, Izumo-chan, Paku-chan... everyone. I really think that's it's because of them that I think my confidence has grown a little... and I know I'm not perfect, either. I've made mistakes. I know I can be slow on the uptake. I still feel like I'm completely useless sometimes, too. And... I know that I hurt Rin deeply, reacting the way I did when I found out about his being Satan's son. But I really do want to grow stronger from all of it. I want to be as good an exorcist as everyone else someday, too. And maybe... I'll be able to make it up to Rin, too, for reacting the way I did. So... wait for me, everyone, okay? I'll catch up to you all... no matter how long it takes.

[ Strengths/Weaknesses ] :

... oh! Well, I can summon Nii-chan! He's a... greenman? Is that right...? Oh, I should probably ask Yuki-chan to make sure later... Anyway, I can summon him and he gives me anything I need! Herbs, medicinal plants, even defensive vines...

And he's cute, too! Isn't he cute?

... I'm useless without him, though. I know I should... do something about that, but I keep forgetting... sorry, Rin, Yuki-chan...

[ Other Important Facts ] :

... Izumo-chan says that I'm as shameless as a weed. Does that count?

[ Questions? Comments? Concerns? ] : Can I grow a garden in Vatheon? Even if it's underwater, I still think it'd look pretty with a garden! Oh, and maybe I can grow a few medicinal herbs there, too... oh, I wonder. Maybe I can open my own herb shop there, too! I wanna try that... ah, but who'd help me run it...
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[ Player Name ] :
[ Personal LJ ] : [personal profile] moro_kun
[ Age ] : 21
[ Timezone ] : PST / GMT -8
[ Other Characters ] :

Shing Meteoryte ([personal profile] oursomalink)
Yuri Lowell ([personal profile] hopeofzaphias)

[ Character's Name ] : Shiemi Moriyama
[ Character's Age ] : 15
[ Series ] : Ao no Exorcist/Blue Exorcist
[ Canon Point ] : Post-episode 25 of the anime. 


[ Personality ] :

Really, there's two words that can sum up Shiemi very well: sweet and earnest. Spend a few minutes in Shiemi's company and she will make you smile; that's just how she is, really. She's very kind, optimistic and very sweet. And initially, she's very shy, too. Let me explain.

One of the main reasons why she's shy and reserved initially is in-part due to her upbringing: being sickly and frail when she was younger, she stayed at home, helping her grandmother tend to their garden. Her sheltered childhood has thus resulted in her being almost socially awkward in that respect; not very social, she can be almost timid when it comes to dealing with other people. Her shyness is to the point that prior to the series proper Yukio (Yuki-chan) has really only been her first real friend.

All of this changes after she's freed of the demon binding her to the garden outside of her home, though. Thanks to Rin butting in and reminding her of how her grandmother wouldn't have wanted her to lock herself up in their garden forever, Shiemi decides to become stronger via joining the True Cross Academy cram school and become a proper exorcist. Going to school helps with her confidence somewhat; and it's also here that we see several aspects of Shiemi's personality, as well. She can be easily embarrassed and flusters easily, as seen when she tries to make friends with Izumo and Paku ( after Rin bluntly says that she's not a friend, due to some teasing about it. GJ Rin. ). She can also be very clumsy, too. And yet she's also stubborn and determined when need be, too -- while we see some shades of that determination during her youth when she takes care of her grandmother's garden all by herself, it really makes itself manifest when she stubbornly works at becoming friends with Izumo even after Rin points out that she's just mocking her and using the poor girl for her (Izumo's) own benefit.

... at this point one also realizes that Rin has the social grace and tact of a rampaging elephant, but we're talking about Shiemi here, not Rin, so.

During the Kyoto arc in the manga, Izumo remarks that Shiemi is as shameless as a weed -- and anyone who's had to do some house cleaning will be more than happy to talk about how stupidly resilient and persistent weeds are, coming back every season without end. And really, that describes SHiemi well, considering how stubborn and doggedly determined she is in her vow to get stronger and not be a burden to everyone. It's this resilience that leads her to throw all of herself into everything she does, whether it be her studies as an exorcist or something as simple as tending to a garden, doing laundry, etc. Even when she fails at being helpful or useful, she keeps on trying until she succeeds at it. And it's really something to be admired, too.

Of course, she's not without her faults, too. Shiemi has moments where her self-confidence completely tanks; the biggest example of this is again during the manga's Kyoto arc, where her inability to summon Nee and her general unhelpfulness result in her questioning just what she's doing and if either of the Okumuras see her as being a help or as a burden. She also tends to be really hard on herself, too; this results in her having the ability to just. Put herself through the emotional ringer at times, too. But really, all she needs is a kind word and some encouragement to put herself back on the right path again.

So to sum it up properly, despite her clumsiness and extreme naivete, Shiemi is also extremely loyal to her friends; her kindness and her optimism are among her greatest strengths, along with her ability to learn and grow stronger. Sure, she may need a push or several to get over her own complexes, but really, her heart's always in the right place.

[ Strengths/Weaknesses ] :


Shiemi is shown to have great potential in becoming a Tamer -- the ability to summon demons is explicitly mentioned to be an exceptionally rare talent in her world, so for her to be able to summon a Greenman spirit is a big deal, okok. AND SHE NAMED HIM NII-CHAN.

Really, though, Nii-chan is a versatile being. She can use him to conjure up any plants and herbs for medicinal uses; he can produce barriers of wood, tree roots and flowers to protect herself/her tomodachis; and in the anime she's even conjured dandelions and fluffs to save her friends from danger and ensure soft landings, too. Even without Nii-chan, Shiemi has a veritable knowledge of medicinal herbs and plants she can use to heal specific wounds like burns or stabs.

... of course, the biggest problem is that she's pretty damn useless without Nii-chan otherwise, since she's kind of below average in terms of fighting abilities. Whoops.

Emotional Strength

Pretty much the main thing that Shiemi has going for her is her determination -- as mentioned in her personality, she's not the kind of person to give up that easily, whether it be in simple matters like chores or in more important things like her Exorcist training. To sum up, her kindness, optimism and her gentle demeanor belies a hidden strength that really defines not just who she is as a student, but her vow to become as strong as her friends and peers.

... of course, she does have some faults, though. Having grown up staying at home for the most part, she is incredibly clueless about how the world works, and is also more or less shy and withdrawn when it comes to meeting new people. Connected to this, she's also incredibly naive and gullible, having lacked basic knowledge typical of most girls her age. Her determination is also a weakness in that respect, too -- when she does fail at something, or on the occasions when she can't do anything to help others, she completely beats herself up about it and is hard enough on herself that her self-esteem and confidence just kind of tanks until she gets out of it.

So yeah.

[ Other Important Facts ] :

Uh... nothing that I can really think of off the top of my head...?

[ Sample ] :

Would a Dear Mun post be allowable?

[ Questions? Comments? Concerns? ] : PIE. WHY IS THAT NOT A THING.

Okay, no, but in all seriousness, would she be able to summon Nii-chan in Vatheon? This is kind of important.


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